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our team

At Songa Africa we pride ourselves on the service and standard of excellence that we give to you, our clients. This service extends to every stage of your journey with Songa Africa, from the very start of your enquiry to the phone call you receive from us when you get back from your holiday. With our staff’s firsthand knowledge and expertise they will create your perfect holiday experience. The combination of expertise and luxury creates truly inspirational travel experiences - something we like to call the Songa Africa difference


Rosette Rugamba, Songa Africa’s founder and lead consultant has been in the travel and tourism industry for the past 16 years from her days heading sales and Marketing in British Airways to her last job as Head of tourism and conservation in Rwanda, she brings a wealth of public sector insight and experience in mobilizing public private partnership to grow tourism effectively and responsibly. During her time as Head of Tourism and Conservation in Rwanda, the number of tourists visiting Rwanda grew from 13,000 to 790,000.Tourism became the number one foreign exchange earner for Rwanda. Rwanda won best exhibitor in Berlin for 4 consecutive years in the Africa region. Rosette has been recognized by the East African community Secretariat as one of the leading tourism and conservation strategists in her region.
Rosette always dreamt of being able to offer the most inspirational experiences in Rwanda and East Africa. She understood that travel should be amazing, exciting, intriguing, rejuvenating and memorable. That's why she created a company staffed by the most knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic experts available.

the songa africa team

merarryMerarry- Songa Africa Tour consultant was born and grew up in Rwanda. His passion is sharing the great heritage and unique Rwandan culture and he immensely enjoys working with Songa Africa clients as it gives him the opportunity to share his culture. His experience with Governors Camp Collections gave him chance in hosting high profile clients & celebrities. He is keen with the British Monarchy. He looks forward each day to exciting days and always happy of getting to know people from different walks of life and making new friends on every tour. He graduated from Cambridge University in Tourism and Travel Agency Management. He also likes nature & environment, lover of African arts & decorations. In his spare time he likes visiting friends &family. Enjoys shopping for crafts in the various bazaars and markets and is a keen African arts collector.

NuuruNuuru- a professional driver Guide at Songa was born and grew up in Rwanda. His love and passion is conserving the natural environment. He has been in the guiding & tourism field for 4 years and his experience in handling clients on a tour is totally amazing and one to look out for. He loves travelling, making friends, listening to music and news as well as playing soccer.